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FAQ – shipments

How can you send documents to us?

Documents can be sent by courier, sent by post, delivered in person or by rail delivery.

How can I order a courier?

You can order a courier by contacting our office (by phone or e-mail). Our company sends a courier from a cooperating company. You can also order collection and delivery to our office via any courier company.

What do I have to do to order a courier via Serwis Konsularny?

Please provide the exact postal address + telephone number, the courier usually has at least 2-hour window for collecting the shipment; in smaller towns, the hours of collection and acceptance of the order may be very limited. Our company only uses reputable companies in Poland and abroad.

Can I use any courier company?

Yes, you can send it by any courier company, after receiving the documents, we accept the order. When sending the completed visa/documents, we can use the courier company indicated by the client. In that case, we need the name of the courier company and the customer account routing number. The shipping cost is settled directly by the customer himself.

Can I send documents by post?

Of course, however please note that when sending documents by regular mail (Poczta Polska), we have no control over the shipment until it is delivered to our office, and the delivery times given for standard mail are approximate and actually differ from those suggested. When sending despach at the post office, we recommend using the Pocztex service, which is a courier service, i.e. it has guaranteed delivery times and parcel monitoring.

What is a rail shipment (via PKP Intercity company)?

A rail shipment is a shipment sent with the conductor traveling on any route in Poland (in our case, between Warsaw and any station in Poland), but there cannot be any transfers on the route between Warsaw and the destination station of the shipment. Using a rail shipment, you can send parcels between Warsaw and most large cities in Poland where trains reach them directly within the same day.

On what days can you send/collect a courier shipment?

Courier despaches can be sent/collected on working days (MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI) and collected on Saturday.

Can I order a courier for delivery by a given time or ask the courier to contact me by phone before collecting/delivering the parcel?

External courier companies accept orders for hourly delivery until e.g. 09.00, 10.00 or 12.00 in the morning, but this service is subject to an additional fee and is limited due to the delivery address (usually valid in larger urban centers). Telephone contact between the courier and the customer is also subject to an additional fee in external companies. In Warsaw, our employee usually contacts the customer before collecting/delivering the shipment and this service is included in the price.

Can I collect a courier parcel on Saturday?

Yes, we can send the parcel on Saturday, but please remember that this is a more expensive shipment. Due to Saturday, we also suggest that you always monitor the delivery of such a parcel from the morning of the delivery day.

Can I send/collect a courier parcel on Sundays, holidays and at night?

Yes, it is then called a dedicated courier from our company, but please remember that this is a special service whose cost and delivery method are determined individually in consultation with the client.

Can I order documents to be delivered (or collected) to Warsaw Chopin Airport?

Yes, it is possible 24 hours a day, but please remember that this is a special service, the cost and method of delivery of which is determined individually in consultation with the client. As a rule, the collection/handover of documents takes place before entering Terminal A, “Departures” in zone E, Kiss&fly.

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