Visas to Great Britain


Citizens of Poland and European Union countries do not need visas to enter United Kingdom as a “Visitor” and can stay for no more than 6 months in every 12 months from the date of their first trip.

Serwis Konsularny provides assistance with visas to the UK for everyone subject to visa requirements for this country. Assistance includes consular consultation, preparation of a visa application, arranging an appointment and paying visa fees. We have no influence on the decision, we only provide formal assistance during the preparation process for the visa meeting.

You must apply for a UK visa in person at the Visa Center at the British Embassy in Warsaw and submit your biometric prints. The passport is returned by DHL courier to the indicated address (for an additional fee) or you can collect it in person at the Visa Center after receiving information about the ready decision.

From January 1, 2021, Schengen Area citizens are required to have a visa with a work permit if they are traveling for purposes other than a business/family/tourist visit (“Visitor”).

Documents needed to enter the UK for Schengen and EU citizens:

– passport (valid for at least 6 months on the day of entry)

* recommended (the immigration officer at the border may ask for it during check-in)

– documents confirming the purpose of the trip (e.g. invitation from the UK)

– documents confirming financial resources for the stay in the UK (e.g. credit card, information about covering the costs of stay on the invitation)

– itinerary – documents confirming accommodation, return ticket

Activities considered as a business visit:

– giving interviews treated as non-commercial, i.e. without receiving payment from the organizer,

– negotiations and signing of agreements and commercial contracts,

– participation in trade fairs and promotional campaigns not classified as direct sales,

– visitation and inspection of construction sites and commercial/industrial sites

– obtaining information from a client from the UK (company meetings, discussions, etc.)

– reporting meetings at a UK branch of the company regarding the work performed by the company or branch outside the UK

Activities considered to be subject to ‘Visitor’ conditions for intra-corporate work:

– consultations on corporate matters directly related to the activities of the company’s branch in the UK,

– solving urgent problems arising in the company’s branch in the UK,

– conducting training for company employees in the UK (does not apply to training provided to clients of this company)

– exchange of experience, conducting a company project with employees of a UK company within a corporation without the direct participation of the company’s clients,

– a financial audit may be carried out under the “Business Visitor” rules, but only for the internal needs of the corporation,

– the stay should be short, up to 1 month, longer than 1 month may raise suspicions of the Home Office regarding incorrect visa qualification,

– the stay should rather be related to one specific project, direct cooperation with clients of the company from the UK cannot be undertaken

Those coming to the UK as a “Visitor” cannot (!!):

– take up employment in the UK,

– conduct or undertake business training as part of work in the UK,

– conduct or undertake an internship or professional practice

– run an independent business

– temporarily or short-term replacement of a person in a company in the UK

– conduct direct sales in the UK,

– provide goods or services for payment  

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